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COVID-19 updates

The latest COVID-19 (coronavirus) updates

We’ll keep you updated on any changes!

Keeping you safe and healthy is our number one priority. That’s why we’ll be sanitising gym equipment throughout the day and cleaning the entire centre every night. All staff have had cleaning training and we are also limiting the number of members in each area.

  • Please don’t come to the gym if you feel sick or have COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Follow the social distancing signs. 
  • Clean your equipment and mats. 

Success Stories

Evolve members and their experiences

Evolve Health and fitness is a place where we aim to create the strongest person you can be.

The members of Evolve Health and Fitness have some truly incredible stories to share. Not only have they achieved amazing results on the scale and with their measurements, they members have dramatically increased their fitness, totally transformed their lifestyles and their entire lives.

I have been going to Evolve Health and Fitness for many years after having been to a lot of Gyms and have found the team at Evolve exceptional. They are very professional and help you achieve your goals.

Lesley Chua

Jason & Martin certainly make us work hard to keep fit! The program changes each week and they both help to make the classes fun while making sure we are challenged and doing the exercises correctly. 

Paula Loth