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The evidence is overwhelming. Regular exercise will vastly Improve your life. At Evolve you’ll progress the right way, in a safe environment where the best tools are combined with expert knowledge and proven systems backed by science.

At Evolve we are passionate about your health and have developed assessments to pin pint areas of concern and then through our individualised exercise and nutrition programs we aim to create the healthiest version of yourself. Whether is fat loss, strength gain, functional fitness, mental health or cardiovascular, our programs aim to help you in a fun, safe environment where we can work together to keep you accountable to your goals.

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Jason Robolakis

Business owner and Personal trainer

Been in the fitness industry since 2007, Cert III & IV in fitness, Diploma of fitness, Punch fit master, Bachelor of health sciences (exercise science).

Where focus goes energy flows!

To have a career whereby I can play a role in fighting the health pandemic caused by over consumption of food and sedentary lifestyles is meaningful to me. Exercise is medicine and so beneficial! To be able to learn the science of the human body and use that knowledge to be apart and witness others achieve their health goals is awesome and greatly rewarding!

One of my clients has been diagnosed with stage four cancer and I have been involved in trying to keep her body as strong as possible while she received an onslaught of chemotherapy treatment and major surgery. It’s been a huge battle full of ups and downs but I am so grateful that she is still with us today fighting hard and getting stronger.

Achieving your goals isn’t always a straight-line process. The journey may be full of ups and downs, high motivation to low motivation, and progression to regressions. The important thing is that you recognise that this is normal and you don’t beat yourself up or worse quit. Rather recognise that failure is just feedback and you can use that feedback to plan accordingly getting you one step closer to your goals. It was Thomas Edison who said when creating the lightbulb, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

David Dennis

Personal Trainer

Cert IV in Personal Training, 

Certificate in Functional Pattern Kinetic Movement Training.

“Your innermost dominant though, becomes your outermost tangible


Witnessing and playing a role in changing people’s

lives is a very inspiring process to be a party of. I have gratitude every day for the impact I

have on my clients, and seeing how simple, but effective changes can create such an

impactful positive change in them.

One of my very first clients was a 70/year old man who couldn’t

walk without a walking frame, he was certainly a challenging first client to work with, but over

a period of about 12 months, we got him back to walking normally.


Consistency reigns supreme, it’s as simple as that.

Martin Vanco

Personal trainer

Success Stories

Evolve members and their experiences

Evolve Health and fitness is the place you become the strongest person you can be.

Here you’ll find testimonials from members of our incredible community. Some have smashed their weight loss and body composition goals, others have dramatically increased their fitness and strength. What we are most proud of at Evolve is to see that our members continue transform their lives and dare to be great.


Jason and Martin are each highly qualified trainers offering bespoke programs.

Bryan Belling

Great trainers and a friendly atmosphere. I recommend Evolve.

Alyson Galea