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More energy

Leading to increased confidence as you look and feel better


Clothes fit better / or buy new wardrobe


Decrease in general inflammation in body leading to normalisation of blood pressure and cholesterol numbers.

Boosts Metabolism

Maintain lean muscle tissue which boosts metabolism and can lead to an increase in growth hormone (anti-aging hormone!!)


“I’ve had Jason as my personal trainer for four years. I find him efficient and relevant to my personal needs, and fun with it.”
The Hon. Robert J.L. Hawke AC GCL (former Prime Minister)

“I’ve been going to gyms and used personal trainers on and off, since 1975:Evolve is way in front of all the others. I would arrive there exhausted from a day’s writing, meet Jason, and leave invigorated and often laughing. He is a delight as a trainer and I couldn’t recommend him too highly. I also have massages from Martin, whom I find a skilled, careful and knowledgeable masseur.”
Blanche d’Alpuget. Northbridge

Local Business Awards

Benefits of strong core:

(rectus abdominus (six-pack), pelvic floor, transverse abs, obliques and breathing.)

Strong core improves posture resulting in less aches and pain in shoulders, neck and lower back.

Ability to move well from a strong internal base – the connection between thoracic (ribs-head) and lumbar (bum-feet) is maintained as a tight unit.

Strong core reduces incidence of injuries – the body has been trained to stay stiff in the abdominal area (inner unit) and the above listed muscles have been taught to endure thru” time under tension” (TUT) which aids the client to move beautifully.

Connection between breathing and holding core tight/stiff will result in strong core.  Any disconnection between breathing and inner unit will result in “core crash” leading to loss of core strength.  So, KEEP BREATHING ☺

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