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ALEX GORMAN, Northbridge

I have been training with Jason for the last 12 months and have found him to be thoroughly professional and committed. He has the capacity to assess my areas of strength and weakness. He is also interested in my general health ie how to maintain a positive outlook on life as well as how to lose weight. He knows when he can push you harder and when to maintain a reasonable pace. The hour we spend together goes very quickly and when we finish I feel I have achieved something good for the day.

JAE REDDEN, Pennant Hills

I started training with Jason in September 2009. After having my second child, I was keen to get back into shape. In 6 months, I reached my weight goal and am still going, now focused on building strengths and fitness.

Jason stays focused and engaged throughout the sessions, finetuning my technique (often making it more challenging) and maximising his time. I quickly realised a minute with Jason can be a long time! He is an all-round trainer too with his expert advice on diet and nutrition. As a person, he is energetic, personable and positive. It is a pleasure to spend time with him, and is an excellent Trainer who delivers results.


I have known Jason Robolakis for the past 18 months. In that time Jason has taken me for circuit and boxing lessons. Prior to commencing with Jason I felt that I needed to lift my fitness level, as I felt that I was staying at the same level of fitness for some time. Jason was able to up my level of fitness by strengthening my weaknesses and empowering my strengths. Jason always came prepared with a plan of attack to his circuit and boxing classes and giving lots of variety. He made it fun and a feeling of working hard. I would highly recommend Jason as a Personal Trainer and Trainer within a class enviroment. Jason has made me a more fitter and confident person. I wish Jason all the very best for his future.


I have had the pleasure of having Jason Robolakis as my personal trainer for over one year. Jason is a delightful young man with an extremely committed and enthusiastic attitude to his clients, striving to bring out the best in those people whom he trains.

Jason has a great personality and understands the needs of his individual clients as well as their individual abilities, always taking into account their strengths and weaknesses and motivating them to achieve or exceed their personal goals.

Jason has a wonderful understanding of the physiology of the human body and is able to cater his programme in a focused way to all his clients. Whilst my sessions with Jason have always been full on, Jason always makes them fun and I always look forward to my sessions with him.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Jason to anyone who wishes to improve their health and fitness and at the same time enjoy the experience.


Jason as been my trainer for over 12 months. In a class of between 2 or 13 people he always manages to watch over everyone, make sure all are working hard, give extra challenges to those who need it, encouragement where wanted, teases those who are cruising to step it up and inspires all to give their utmost. This is no mean feat where most of the people in the group are at least old enough to be a parent, if not grandparent, to him. He even makes the sessions one does with him FUN and I am not a person who enjoys pain and torture or who usually considers any form of exercise in any way enjoyable.

GILLIAN MCFEE, Northbridge

Jason makes personal training fun because he accepts you regardless of your fitness level. He motivated me to push myself in ways I had not done before.


JOYCE KELLY, Northbridge

Not having had a personal trainer before, I felt very comfortable straight away with the very friendly staff. What’s more, I reached my goal! I was only thinking of training until I reached my goal but I know how much healthier I am for it, I decided to keep going!


Jason has now been training me for over one year. He is a fantastic, encouraging and positive influence on my fitness regime. My session time at 5pm is often a struggle to get to after a full day of teaching yet I leave each session feeling invigorated.

The enthusiasm of Jason inspires me to push myself to my limits and recently he has encouraged me to begin training for my first ever half marathon as a celebration of reaching my half century. He provides a varied, challenging and fun program which has given me even more motivation to work hard.

Every week with Jason is different. One week we may have a quick game of indoor soccer followed by weights and some abs. Another week I’ll be boxing with him, then pushing myself with high reps weights and interval training. No two sessions are ever the same.

Jason is certainly by far the best personal trainer I have ever had. He caters for all types of clients – the sporty, the injured, the more mature, with sensitivity, humour and great depth of knowledge. I could not recommend him more highly.

Rick Butler, Northbridge

Evolve Health and Fitness (Evolve) is a small, personable well set up gym located in Northbridge. They work primarily on a one on one basis or in small groups.

I have been training 2 days a week at Evolve for at least 4 years. As an over 60, my primary goal is to be “stronger for longer”.

As a keen golfer (and member of Northbridge Golf Club) they ensure my training covers all of the main golf muscles as well as focussing on flexibility, balance and aerobic fitness.

During the last 3 years my handicap has reduced from mid teens to 8 through a combination of training at Evolve, lessons and fitted clubs (thanks to Ray McGlinn).

I have no hesitation in recommending Evolve to anyone who wishes to improve their health and fitness.

Bryan Belling

In March 2007 my wife said to me:

“You are fat and ugly. You are indolent and unmotivated: I have noticed a new personal fitness centre, EVOLVE health and fitness has opened at Northbridge. You go twice a week and I will pay.”

For 7 years I have attended Evolve twice a week: and now I am just ugly.

Thank you Evolve health and fitness.

Marianne Wilson

My personal trainer is Jason at Evolve. He has managed my fitness for the last three years and I am now considerably fitter than I was when I was ten years younger. Jason tailored an individual program that made it easy to start with, gradually increasing the intensity as my fitness improved. Not only did I lose 12 kgs, what surprised me most was that after years of pain with trigger finger, my hands have become strong and I no longer have this problem.