How to face a nutritional challenge in your busy life:

Do you have a busy life and little preparation time to eat according to your goals and resolutions?

Have you ever overslept and not had time for your delicious breakfast?

Have you ever needed to work through your lunch break or got stuck in a meeting and have to skip to meal?

These types of situations are a real nutritional challenge and how you cope with these challenges and how well you are prepared will determinate your fitness and health results.

To be prepared and stay on track and to ensure the best possible results here is the first lot of strategies that I will bring you each week to help you to achieve your goals:

The Sunday Ritual

The Sunday ritual is a strategy when every Sunday (it may be any other day) you allocate three hours to write down your approximate eating plan for the week, do the grocery shopping and prepare your meals for the coming week.

The idea behind this is to make your week easier, get all you need ready in advance which will assist you in heading towards your goals.

This ritual can follow these simple steps:

  • Sit down and come up with your meal plan or meal ideas that you need for the week Remember, once you plan it, you can control it and you can manage it
  • Once you have an idea or a simple eating plan, estimate roughly how much food and what ingredients you will need for the week to prepare or cook your meals
  • Then take your grocery shopping list with you when you go shopping
    Make sure you are not going to the shop hungry to avoid buying unhealthy and highly processed food
  • Once you have all the ingredients ready, you can start cooking and preparing your meals for the week. Here you have three options, either you can prepare all your meals for the week (exclude shakes), you can prepare food for 3 days and then repeat it on Wednesday (any other day will work well too, it depends on your schedule) or you can prepare only the meals which you will be eating during work hours or busy times -the times when preparation of your meals would be too difficult.
  • For example, breakfast and dinner meals could be usually prepare by setting aside a few minutes every day for meal preparation or sometimes you may have a family member who will be able to prepare these meals for you. However, the biggest challenge usually comes with lunches, daytime snacks, pre-workout or post-workout meals. Such a meal is best prepared during your Sunday ritual.

    – Now is the time to chop your veggies, cook the meat and beans, and distribute your supplements in a serving size as needed. You can put veggies in food containers or plastic bags and store in a fridge or freezer. Prepack your fruit, nuts etc.

    The Sunday ritual is one of the strategies you can help yourself to manage your nutrition, avoid cravings, energy level fluctuations or making poor food choices.

    This way you will be always in control and ready to face challenges your busy life usually brings. Plus you will be again one step closer towards you goals.