What we offer


Sessions are flexible, specialising in personalised timeframes and training focus in line with your individual plans. Focus is on One-on-One Sessions or Small Groups/Couples training groups. This ensures that each individual is able to reach their maximum potential – whilst never having to wait for equipment! Services are also available for corporate groups both within the studio and outside – please enquire to develop a plan based on your requirements.

Weight Loss

Losing weight and keeping it off presents a difficult challenge for many people.

Research consistently shows that regular exercise, combined with healthy eating is the most efficient way to control your weight.

In addition to helping to control weight, regular physical activity can reduce your risk for several diseases and conditions and improve your overall quality of life. Regular exercise can help prevent heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, back pain and Osteoporosis. Regular physical exercise can also improve your mood and the way you feel about yourself.

Our experienced trainers at Evolve Health and Fitness will be able to tailor a program specifically for your weight loss goals.  We will guide you with nutritional advice and develop an exercise program that will have you looking and feeling great.

Weight Loss


Nutrition is an essential part of a healthy life and plays a big role in achieving our fitness and health goals. Good nutrition is one that:

  • properly controls energy balance
  • provides nutrients dense foods
  • helps us to improve health, body composition and performance
  • is honest and outcomes based
  • is sustainable for us and our planet

At Evolve, we will design a personalised nutrition plan to best suit your needs and goals to maximise your results while enjoying your food, feeling better and being happy with your progress.

No more fad, short term diets, starving or yo yo effects, just real lean nutrition and real sustainable results.

Fitness assessment

We are all different, with different goals, fitness levels or exercise experience and this is what we always take  into account when you come to Evolve.

Prior to the  first session each of our clients are taken through a comprehensive fitness and health assessment to allow our trainers to design a specific, individualised training program to target your goals in the best possible way. This ensures that your program always meets your needs and desires.


Experience an exhilarating, fun, high powered cardiovascular workout class that’s not only going to burn a ton of calories and increase your cardiovascular fitness, boxing is a great way to release some anger and frustration! Left, left right and your boss is down!


Injuries can be frustrating as they can slow down if not completely stop the progression of your goals. Early intervention with correct exercise prescription is vital for a quick and full recovery. Evolve trainers have the qualifications and experience with injury prevention and rehabilitation giving you the peace of mind that you are in good hands.

Event training

Event goals are fantastic way for you to achieve fat loss, strength and fitness goals by motivating you to keep up your exercise and healthy eating patterns. Regardless of your age, weight or fitness levels evolve trainers will encourage you and build with you a personal, realistic program designed to give you a step by step system to get you at the finishing line!

Exclusive Benefits

As part of training development and keeping with our word of providing service outside your personal training sessions, Evolve provides “online training programs”. We will email you your program which is easy to understand and follow. Both you and your trainer can add workouts and communicate with each other about how you are tracking day-to-day.


EMG data indicates VibroGym training stimulates almost 100% muscle-fibre activation – 20 to 50% more than conventional training.

A 10-minute workout of the VibroGym has been shown to be as effective as one & a half hours of conventional training.