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Do I need a personal trainer?

If you struggle getting results or have particular goal and feel as if you may need some guidance and motivation, then personal training is for you. Exercises programs when done incorrectly can lead to injury and unsatisfactory results leaving you worried and demotivated. Evolve personal trainers with your individual programs guarantees results and makes sure you are safe, motivated and heading straight for your goals!

How much does personal training cost?

Giving a definite figure for personal training is hard. Price will depend on your goals, program and how quickly you would like to achieve them. We have programs ranging from one hour or half hour individual or group sessions, as well as group classes to cater for all budgets.

Why should I train with evolve trainers?

Evolve Trainers are highly skilled, qualified and experienced who are creative and fun in their sessions and program designs. We pride ourselves on our holistic approach that goes beyond just your eating and exercise but also sees the value of educating and building you up mentally as to not give you a quick fix of exercise but for you to see the benefits of healthy living as to incorporate it into your lifestyles. As a member you will be treated with respect and acknowledged as a valued client as we build relationships and memories on your journey to your healthier self! Check out some of our testimonials for further detail!

How often do I need to train?

This will depend on your goal and how quickly you would like to achieve it by. For example – You may need to lose some weight and tone up for a wedding that’s in a couple of months or want to run that half marathon next year within a certain time, etc . In your initial consultation your trainer will go through with you how often you need to train, and how long it should take to achieve your goal within your budget and lifestyle.

What does a personal training session look like?

Sessions will vary according to your goals but generally you will find incorporated into your session exercises like weight training, cardiovascular training, stretching, balance, eye hand coordination,  posture correction techniques, sport specific,  core and stabiliser exercises and if any injury rehabilitation.

Will my trainer make me do exercises I really don’t like?

No. This is a two way relationship, and we are not going to give your exercises that you hate or make you feel uncomfortable. We are creative and knowledgeable and we can easily give you an alternative exercise that you prefer.

Will my trainer push me too hard?

No! You do not need to get thrashed to get results. We understand that some people will like to all out in their sessions while others would prefer a lighter session. At evolve we will discuss with you your limits and structure your sessions accordingly.

How quickly will I see results?

This almost entirely depends on you! If you follow your exercise program and adhere to our nutritional guidance, results can come quickly. Our programs are built on scientific and up to date research, so the more strict you are with yourself, the quicker the results will come

Do I have to exercise in front of other people?

If training in front of others is a problem for you we can schedule your session times in the slots when the studio is empty.  If you can only train at peak times, we can structure your session with the others client sessions so that there is only one client in each room at a time.

I have a medical condition. Can I still train?

Yes, given the tick by your doctor. Exercise has been shown to help with many chronic conditions including osteoporosis, high blood pressure, scoliosis, depression, injury rehabilitation and strengthening, and many more. Evolve trainers will network with your doctors, specialists and other health professionals making sure what you are doing is productive and most importantly safe.

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